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It speaks!

Or writes, more appropiately...but anyway, I am still alive and everything! :)

As I don't have to work today (joy of joys), I've decided to browse my friends' posts this morning and found loads of new embroidery and knitting projects on cross_stitch  and knitting - they inspired me to get out my own projects, move my couch table onto the balcony (yes, it's actually lovely up here for once; I'm still hoping it stays on until Wednesday, my 20th birthday!) and start cross-stitching again. After all, it'll be Christmas in 8 months, and knowing myself, I will need all that time to get this project finished...it's quite sad to be that slow, actually...lol!

Pictures under the cutCollapse )
Title: One Shot of Happy
Pairing: Eric Cantona/Ryan Giggs (David Beckham/Gary Neville if you squint)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: First time I did a Cantona, otherwise none, I reckon.
Author's Notes: Written for shandoras  for the Winter Exchange at footie_exchange.

The pub was full, even for a Friday night.Collapse )

Family Portrait: Ages

Because I know some people are confused, I have tried to get the ages for the members of the United family sorted out. Don't nail me down on them though.

on to the agesCollapse )

We did it! *is proud*

Title: FiveFour Times the earthquake woke up (ex)members of the United squad
Ratings: In brackets.
Authors' Notes: A team effort by me and hiro_chan  ("There is no 'I' in 'team' but there are two i's in Nemanja Vidic", anyone?) . Was meant to be five times but the last drabble got lost in a dramatic accident involving three cars, squealing wheels, gunfire and sinister suit-wearing mafiosi. Posting only four out of sheer impatience? Uuuuus? Never.
Title: Summer in Mayfield
Rating: G (yes, I can do that too)
Pairing: Roy Keane/Eric Cantona
Author's Notes: I've written this silly little piece of fiction ages ago (I think it might actually have been last summer), but then my USB stick did the most horrible thing and DIED on me >:( It has just been re-animated, and while I was having a celebratory dig in the files on it, I found this. Thought I'd post it just for the hell of it, and hope you enjoy, even though the season's not quite right.

& flyCollapse )
Title: Meeting the parents (Family Portrait, Part IV)
Rating: G
Pairing(s): Gary Neville/Ryan Giggs; Nemanja Vidic/Rio Ferdinand
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything, no money made. And still lovin’ it…
Author’s Notes: This is for hiro_chan , who turned…older this week. I know I’m late as always, but happy belated birthday to you, big sister – I love (and miss) you so, so much, and hope you had the most fantastic of days :) And, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about t’other one. I’m working on it!

Part One, Two and Three via the Family Portrait tag.

they are going to be here any minute now!Collapse )
Title: Snow White (Family Portrait, Part III)
Pairing(s): Gary Neville/Ryan Giggs, Nemanja Vidic/Rio Ferdinand
Rating: G
Warning(s): Snow - in April; although the snow is real this is AU; people behaving silly.
Disclaimer: This is not real, I do not make…you know all this, don’t you.
Summary: After the day that lay behind them, Ryan just wasn’t surprised at all.
Author’s Notes: Funny thing, this global warning, innit?

For the first-ever (and thought-to-be-last) episode, click here, and here if you feel brave enough for the one with the morning grouches.

Cross-posted to unitedslash ; sorry if you see this more than once.

Snow WhiteCollapse )
Title: Morning Glory (Family Portrait, Part II)
Pairing(s): Gary Neville/Ryan Giggs, hints at Nemanja Vidic/Rio Ferdinand and very tiny hints at Alan Smith/Darren Fletcher
Rating: G
Warning(s): Morning grouches; AU. High amounts of silliness.
I don’t own anything, yadda, yadda, no money made either.
Summary: It’s the start of yet another day in the United family.
Author’s Notes: Because hiro_chan  has made it very clear to me that that not continuing is non-negotiable.
Author’s Notes II: Lauren from the first part has been renamed to Noa. I found it more appropriate, somehow.

If you haven’t read the first episode, you can read it here. However, you don't have to to get the hang of all this.

Cross-posted to footballslash  and unitedslash  sorry if you see this more than once.

The storm rattled the shutters and woke Ryan Giggs.Collapse )
This is for hiro_chan  who infected me with Mama!Ryan and Papa!Gaz. I know that this is horribly late (and blame too much homework) and hope you enjoy anyway, love! :)

Title: Feels Like Home (Family Portrait, Part I)
Pairing: Gary Neville/Ryan Giggs (Rio Ferdinand/Nemanja Vidic implied)
Rating: PG
Warning(s): Don’t read this if you’re not a fan of completely random AU.
Disclaimer: Well, this would be fiction, then…Not mine, either.
Author’s Note: You might have guessed it already – little Noa is my adorable host sister’s ink and paper twin. ♥
Author’s Note II: I’ve gone all rusty, writing-wise, and honestly have no idea if this is good or not. You tell me.

under the cutCollapse )
Title: Five Times Alan Remembered Darren
Pairing: Alan Smith/Darren Fletcher
Rating: G
Author's Notes: I have none. Just this took me about an hour to write and it might show.

sometimes, alan remembered darrenCollapse )